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A dream-come-true story of a motorcycle trip. From one home to another over the Romanian mountains.

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A picture collection of a solo hike. Days alone in the mountains with camera in hand.

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A robbery story and the roll of film that survived. 

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Damyan Doumanov 


Photography and writing are the media that my practice mainly revolves around. I believe in great ideas expressed through simple means.  The use of both photographs and texts allows me to explore the surface of the surrounding world as well as to reach beneath it. Through a blend of documentary and fictional approaches I expand personal experiences, which are the base of my projects.  My artistic practice is strongly influenced by the theory of photography, literature and writing as well as analog photographic and other print-making processes.

Field work, Self-portrait, 2023

The book gives words and photographs
a carrier that makes you give them proper attention
at the pace you choose

The book format provides photographs, as well as texts, with enough ground for both to work together and deliver a message, a story. I do idealize the book as the perfect carrier for photographic work that comes accompanied by texts. And there is one particular aspect that for me proves it as such. When holding a book, it is clear to the viewer that it demands their attention. It is up to them whether they would just flip through it or open it at all. But they know that if they’d want to what it holds, they have to give it proper attention. A book doesn’t necessarily ask for it. It is not a spectacle of performance, but an interaction with the audience at a slower pace. Furthermore, it is a way for me to give photographs and texts a physical body.

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